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Ca. 6th-5th century BC

A decorated pottery kothon with a smooth, burnished, cream-coloured surface. The vessel stands on a short, pronounced foot that expands upward to a cylindrical body and shoulder. Delicate black and red decorative lines adorn the shoulder, rim, and interior of the mouth of the vessel, with concentric bands decorating the foot and the lower side of the vessel. A loop handle emerges gracefully from the shoulder and is flanked by two projections. Repaired. 

The kothon--also known as a plemochoe or exaleiptron-- was designed with a wide rim to prevent the contents from spilling. Kothons such as this one were produced in Corinth through the sixth and fifth centuries BC, and were widely exported during the Archaic period. Find contexts on the site of Corinth indicate that the shape was not common in burials but rather in temple dedications.


Provenance: Private London collection; acquired from NYC collection, ex. Fortuna Fine Arts, NYC.


SKU: JUN23507
  • Dimensions

    L: 60mm / W: 200mm ; 355g






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