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Ca. 400 - 300 BC

A beautiful Hellenistic terracotta rhyton with a flaring lip, and a trumpet-shaped body that terminates in an equine finial. The body is painted with a complex design, comprised of bands of intersecting red and black lines, circumferential solid red bands, segmented hoops, and a lattice panel with black pellet detailing. The charming horse finial has its legs folded beneath its body, painted reins and harness, and a vent to the chest. This piece is a fine example of a shape often used by the Greeks for religious rituals and ritual drinking activities. The type name comes from a translation of the Greek verb “to pour through”, which literally describes what happens when liquid is added. For similar see, Christie’s, Antiquities 1584, 9th December 2005, lot 287.


This item comes with a professional historical report from Ancient Report Specialists. Accompanied by a TL test from Oxford Authentication laboratory, UK, confirming age and authenticity.


Provenance: Private collection of Xavier Guerrand-Hermes, Boisgirard, Arts D’Orient, 17 December 2008, lot 7. Artcurial, Arts D’Orient et de L’Islam, 25 March 2014, lot 8.


SKU: JA293
  • Dimensions 

    L: 240mm / W: 260mm ; 1.2kg

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