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Ca. AD 1100-1200 

A green glazed pottery bowl from Kashan, crafted with skill and precision. This elegant bowl features a deep and spacious basin that gracefully flares outwards. Resting on a slender stemmed foot, the bottom of the bowl is left deliberately unglazed to create a sense of contrast. A delicate, hatched band of decoration adorns the exterior of the bowl. What distinguishes this particular piece is its captivating green glaze, which envelops the upper part of the body, imbuing it with a rich and lustrous sheen. The city of Kashan has a long and illustrious history of ceramic production that dates back to the 9th century AD. Renowned for their technical expertise and aesthetic sophistication, the Kashan potters created ceramics of exceptional quality and beauty.


Provenance: Property of a London Islamic art specialist collector; previously in a collection formed since the 1980s.


SKU: JUL23110
  • Dimensions

    L: 55mm / W: 108mm ; 135g

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