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Ca. AD 100-200

An astonishing large blown glass flask, colourless with wheel cut banding of alternating widths over the entire body and neck. This high-quality vessel is set on a slightly pushed-in bottom, which expands into a globular body and long tubular neck that has been slightly tooled in at the base. The rim has been folded up and over, creating a flared shape with a circular depression inside the interior. A thin layer of iridescence is scattered over the piece. For a similar example, see The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Accession Number: 81.10.67.


Provenance: Private London collection; acquired in the 1990s on the UK art market.

Exhibited: Olympia Art & Antiques fair, London June 2022.


SKU: JUN23623
  • Dimensions

    L: 175mm / W: 137mm; 166.88g






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