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Late Helladic IIIB, Ca. Late 14th-13th century BC

An exquisite large stirrup jar, one of the most characteristic shapes of Mycenean culture. The vessel sits on a circular disc foot, that expands into a round tapered body that tapers inwards at the shoulder. The stirrup jar has twin opposing strap handles connected to a central column support that is adorned with a disc-like knob at the top. The vessel also includes a cylindrical spout at the front. The piece is beautifully decorated, with brown concentric bands on the body and shoulder. The shoulder is also adorned with abstract linear elements. The foot, handle, and rim of the spout are glazed dark brown, a subtle touch to an already striking design. Repaired from several large original pieces with restoration over the break lines, this vase is very scarce in this size and was used to contain and transport liquids such as oil or wine.

This piece has been precisely dated having undergone Thermo Luminescence analysis by Ralf Kotalla, an independent German Laboratory. The samples collected date the piece to the period reflected in its style, whilst also showing no modern trace elements. Its TL certificate with full report will also accompany this piece.


Provenance: Property of a London Art gallery; formerly in NYC collection; ex. Fortuna Fine Arts, NYC; ex. pre-2000 US collection.


SKU: FEB2307
  • Dimensions

    L:260mm / W:215mm ; 1.74kg






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