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Ca. AD 100-300

A restrung Roman necklace with stone and glass beads. It combines different materials, featuring striking blue and red beads. Romans valued blue highly for its symbolic significance of wealth and divinity.

Evidence of bead-making in the Roman period has been found in Egypt at Alexandria, with scholars believing that many bead types found in Egypt were made there. Beads from this period were usually made using glass, which was pressed into a mould and then cut into segmented sections. In some cases, these beads would be strung on coloured cords, which speaks to the decorative nature of such threads, many of which are lost to us now.


Provenance: Property of a West London gentleman; previously in a collection formed on the UK/International art market in the 1990s.


SKU: NOV23114
  • Dimensions

    L: 360/720mm / W: 3mm ; 20g

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