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Ca. AD 1100-1200

An open-type Seljuk bracelet featuring a prominent central ridge and reinforced edges, giving the item a bold and striking appearance. The exterior wall of the bracelet is smooth and adorned with very fine etchings of abstract patterns, adding a delicate and intricate touch to the overall design.

The Seljuks were a prominent Turkic dynasty that emerged in the 11th century and established a vast empire across Central Asia and the Middle East. Silver bracelets such as this, with their ornate designs and intrinsic value, served as expressions of wealth, status, and cultural identity.


Provenance: Property of a London Islamic art specialist collector; previously in a collection formed since the 1980s.


SKU: SEPT23347
  • Dimensions

    L: 60mm / W: 75mm ; 144.72g

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