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Olbia, Ca. 437-410 BC

Skythia, Olbia Cast Æ 40mm. Arich-, magistrate. Gorgoneion with protruding tongue. Rev. A-P-I-X within four spokes of wheel. SNG Moskau 402-13; SNG BM Black Sea 385-6; HGC 3.2, 1884. 

The Thracian city of Olbia was originally a Milesian colony situated close to the mouths of the Borysthenes and Hypanis rivers, the fullest account of which comes down to us from Herodotus (Hdt. 4.19).

Olbia’s 5th century cast bronze coinage is unique among Classical period issues, which typically consisted of struck coinage. The smaller denominations were more unusual still, as they were crafted in the shape of dolphins. This coin exemplifies the type commonly seen on larger denominations.

For additional information see:
Kallet, L. & Kroll, J.H., 2020, The Athenian Empire: Using Coins as Sources. Cambridge.


SKU: CAT-016
  • Dimensions 

    D: 40mm ; 29.17g


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