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Ca. 900-700 BC

A beautiful Western Asiatic bronze Master of Animals sceptre, featuring zoomorphic heads in a janiform design. The central shaft of the sceptre is topped by a highly stylised anthropomorphic figure, who grasps the long necks of flanking double-headed beasts. Two similar anthropomorphic heads are cast below, with the bottom face flanked by the heads of two further beasts. This composition rests on a simple, globular body with arms placed neatly at the sides, before tapering into a uniform, cylindrical shaft. The shaft of the sceptre stands atop a flared and decorated support, which provides stability. For a similar example: The British Museum, accession number 1914,0214.42. 


Provenance: Private UK collection; formerly in the collection of Mr. R. Unger; previously with a London gallery; acquired in the 1980s on the UK art market.


SKU: SEPT23143
  • Dimensions

    L: 365mm / W: 65mm ; 335g 

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