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Apollo Art Auctions has landed on 64 Margaret Street

LONDON - Apollo Art Auctions is proud to announce its upcoming "Fine Ancient Art & Antiquities" Auction, scheduled for the 5th of November 2023 at 13:00 GMT. Renowned as a global authority in the field of ancient art and antiquities, Apollo Art Auctions invites collectors and enthusiasts to participate in this exceptional event. The auction will be accessible Online through various bidding platforms, and we open doors to bidding in person and participating

in the live auction. Apollo Art Auctions has recently moved to a prestigious location in the W1W postcode area, conveniently situated just 3 minutes from Oxford Street and 7 minutes from Bond Street. The new location features a spacious showroom and a dedicated bidding room. Additionally, two new departments focusing on contemporary art and Asian art have been introduced.

This exceptional auction offers an array of well-provenanced and meticulously authenticated artifacts from diverse regions, including Egypt, Classical Europe, the Near East, and China. Among the highlights are:

Lot 1 - Chalandriani-Type Cycladic Idol: A delicately crafted marble figurine with a yellow-orange patina, accompanied by a professional historical report from Ancient Report Specialists. (Est: £60,000 - £100,000)

Lot 20 - Attic Black-Figure Neck-Amphora: A rare TL-tested vessel of exceptional quality, attributed to the Antimenes Painters around 530-510 BC, featuring a festive scene of Dionysos, the god of wine, and two centaurs. (Est:£45,000 – £90,000)

Lot 24 - Rare Attic Black-Figure Mastoid Cup: An elegant bulbous cup adorned with two large eye motifs, believed to possess apotropaic qualities capable of warding off evil. (Est: £12,000 - £20,000)

Lot 62 - Ptolemaic Gold-covered Copper Arm Bracelet: A majestic spiral snake arm bracelet featuring a tapered loop tail and an opposing hollow moulded snake's head adorned with a single remaining magnificent blue sapphire or glass inset eye. (Est: £7,500 - £14,000)

Lot 73 - Hellenistic Sapphire Intaglio with Athena In a Heavy Gold Ring: A refined and captivating piece of jewellery depicting Athena, the revered Greek goddess of wisdom and war. (Est: £4,000 - £6,000)

Apollo Art Auctions' "Fine Ancient Art & Antiquities" auction will commence at 13:00 GMT on 5th November 2023.

Payment and Shipping:

Apollo Art Auctions accepts payments in GBP, USD, and EUR and offers worldwide shipping. All packing is handled by their in-house white-glove specialists.

Contact Information:

For enquiries about any item in the auction or to discuss consigning to future Apollo Art Auctions, please contact the London Auction house at (+44) 7424 994167 or email [].

About Apollo Art Auctions:

Based in London, Apollo Art Auctions is a distinguished auction house specialising in ancient art, artefacts, and coins, offering a platform for collectors and enthusiasts to acquire extraordinary treasures from the ancient world.


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