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Ca. 420-380 BC
An Attic red figure bell Krater. On side A, the obverse depicts Ganymede in the Garden of Zeus. The youthful hero stands in his distinctive pose, holding a white rooster in front of a seated Zeus. Both figures are crowned with olive leaves and fruits. Beside Ganymede stands a winged Eros with his left leg bent at the knee. Behind the hero, two goddesses, likely Athena and Artemis, are depicted within clouds. On the left side of the scene, Hera is shown with a scepter; her head turned towards her husband Zeus and Ganymede. On side B, two figures are depicted wearing Tainia headbands. They are seen engaging in dialogue within a Palaestra scene. Behind the left figure there is an altar; weights hang from the wall in the upper part. Palmette motifs are particularly noticeable under the handles. A laurel wreath is under the rim.


The Tainia headband was a component of traditional ancient Greek attire, often worn during Greek festivals. The gods themselves were depicted wearing Tainia headbands, and they were also used in religious contexts, such as adorning cult images, trees, urns, monuments, animal sacrifices, and the deceased. The Romans later adopted similar headbands. Another type of headband, the diadem, was commonly used as a symbol of royalty.

Provenance:London private collection, formerly, private German collection, formed in the 1980s.


  • Dimensions 

    H: 380mm / W:430mm ; 5.13kg

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