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New Kingdom, Ca. 1550-1070 BC

An elegant Egyptian bowl crafted from translucent and milky-white alabaster. It is characterised by its distinctive shape, consisting of a deep bowl with slightly flaring sides, resting on a circular flat base. The surface of the bowl is meticulously carved and polished, resulting in textures that are both pleasing to the touch and visually captivating. Veins of brown, orange, and grey traverse the alabaster, adding depth and complexity to the simple design. Alabaster was highly valued for its translucency, which can be seen in this bowl, as it allows light to pass through the object in certain places.


Provenance: Private UK collection; previously in an old London collection formed in the 1990s.


SKU: JUL23172
  • Dimensions

    Size: L: 90mm / W: 190mm ; 1.06kg






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