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Ca. AD 200

A seated figure of Bodhisattva Maitreya crafted from schist stone, which has been skillfully carved to create a serene and contemplative expression. He sits atop a beautifully draped plinth, which adds to the overall grace of the sculpture. The figure is depicted with a halo backing him, symbolising his spiritual enlightenment and divinity. His gaze is fixed in the distance, conveying a sense of inner peace and detachment from worldly desires. Bodhisattva is dressed in an elegant sanghati, a traditional monastic robe that is draped in a sophisticated manner, further emphasising his spiritual stature. The complex headdress, beaded necklace, armbands, and bracelets all reflect his spiritual refinement. He sits with both hands in front of him, in a gesture known as the Dhyana Mudra, a hand gesture used in meditation that symbolizes the attainment of inner peace and spiritual awareness. The hands are placed in the lap with palms facing upward, with the right hand resting on top of the left.


Provenance: From the collection of a London gentleman; formerly acquired in early 2000s in Japan; previously in 1970s Japanese collection. 


SKU: AP23285
  • Dimensions

     L: 620mm / W: 420mm ; 48.94kg 

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