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Ca. AD 200-300
A schist stone carving of the standing Buddha performing Twin Miracles. The deity’s head is backed by a halo with the flames miraculously lit from his shoulders and water emerging from his feet. The head is exquisitely carved with naturalistic features, including deep-cast, almond-shaped eyes, arched eyebrows, smiling lips, and elongated earlobes. The figure wears a full-length sanghati robe nicely accentuated with detailed drapery, giving a sense of movement and dynamism. The Buddha stands atop a plinth decorated with a relief scene of three meditating figures, and he is flanked by votives and bodhisattvas. Mounted on a custom-made stand.


The Miracle of Sravasti is a significant episode in the life of the Gautama Buddha, highlighting his extraordinary spiritual powers and prowess. The narrative unfolds during a so-called “miracle contest” where Gautama Buddha engages in a display of supernatural abilities to establish the superiority of his teachings over those of six rival religious teachers.

Provenance: From the collection of a London gentleman; formerly acquired on the Belgium art market in the 1960s


SKU: MAR2024-11
  • Dimensions 

    H: 620mm / W: 330mm ; 30+kg

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