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Rome, AD 134-138
Hadrian Ae. sestertius, Rome. HADRIANVS AVG COS III PP; draped bust right. Rev. RESTITVTORI GALLIAE; Hadrian standing right, reaching out with right hand to Gaul seated left, SC in ex. Cohen 1251; RIC 950.

The personification of Gaul on the reverse of this coin refers to Hadrian’s bestowal of aid to the province between Ca. AD 121-125. The parallel type, which features the reverse legend, ADVENTVI AVG GALLIAE S C, celebrates his arrival in Gaul during this time more generally.

Coinage depicting personifications of the provinces were a common theme of many Early Imperial issues. Emperor Hadrian, due to his extensive travels around the Empire, minted more examples of this type than any other. Geographical types decline considerably in popularity following Ca. AD 150, thus Hadrian’s issues emblematise the high point of this trend.

For additional information see:
Birley, A. R., 1997, Hadrian: The Restless Emperor, London.


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    D: 32mm ; 25.36g


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