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Rhodes, Ca. 250-200 BC

Islands off Caria, Rhodes Ar. didrachm. Aristokritos, magistrate. Radiate head of Helios facing slightly right. Rev. R-O; rose with bud to right; aphlaston to left, ARISTOKRITOS above. Ashton 219; SNG Keckman 546; BMC 138. Accompanied by original Balwin’s label. 

The obverse of this coin depicts Helios, the patron deity of the island of Rhodes (Pind. Olym. 7). Rhodes was a Greek city that rose to prominence in the Early Hellenistic period with a fleet that was unrivaled in the Aegean, ample maritime trading capabilities, and the favour of almost every Hellenistic king (Strabo XIV.2.5).

Although they assisted Rome in the Syrian war, the senate became increasingly suspicious of the Rhodians after the conflict and the decision to support Perseus of Macedon in 168 BC proved their undoing, as the Roman senate rescinded much of the Rhodian’s territory and set up the free port of Delos as a counterweight to their trading activity (Polyb.30.31.9).

For additional information see: 
Metcalf, W. E., 2016, The Oxford Handbook of Greek and Roman Coinage. Oxford University Press.


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