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Pella, Ca. 336-328 BC

Kingdom of Macedon, Philip II Av. stater, Pella, posthumous issue. Laureate head of Apollo right. Rev. ΦΙΛΙΠΠΟΥ; charioteer, holding kentron in right hand, reins in left, driving biga right, trident, 

horizontal, below horses. LeRider Philip II 3.271. 


The reverse of this coin features a spirited depiction of a charioteer and biga, alluding to Phillip II of Macedon’s victory in the chariot race at the Olympic games (Plut. Alex. 4.9). Phillip II was the first ruler of the Greek world to regularly issue gold coins, minting his first gold staters after the fall of Olynthus in 348 BC on the attic standard. 


His son, Alexander the Great, succeeded him after his assassination in 336 BC and continued the production of these coins. This decision is as much practical as it is political, as continuation of a known type would help ensure that his own coins would be easily accepted

For additional information see: Le Rider, G., 2007. Alexander the Great: Coinage, Finances, and Policy. Translated by W. E Higgins. Philadelphia.


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