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Ca. 10th-11th Century AD

This delicate, circular silver pendant is finely decorated and bears some of its original gilding. The back is flat and smoothly worked, while the front is adorned with a pattern of filigree coils and granules. At the centre lies a rosette with eleven petals. This is neatly framed in a diamond shape by the aformentioned coils. An integral suspension loop is attached to the top of the design. This pendant is from the Later Viking Age, bearing some stylistic motifs that designate it as such. The more naturalistic and foliate patterns depicted at the front are a common feature of the Ringerike style, popular in the 11th Century AD.


Provenance: From the family collection of a London gentleman, formed in the late 1940s-1950s; thence by descent.


For additional information see: Graham-Campbell, J., 2013, Viking art, London.


Fuglesang, S.H., 1980, Some Aspects of the Ringerike Style: A Phase of 11th Century Scandinavian Art. Univ. Pr., Odense.


  • Dimensions

    D: 24 mm ; 3.1g

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